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Carry Your Sidecutters, Channel Locks, Screwdriver, Folding Rule or your Torpedo Level. No Belt Required.

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Fixture Wire Twist Tool

$7.50 - Free Shipping

Fixture Wire Twist Tool 2
Fixture / Ceiling Wire Wrapping Tool
Only 4 1/2" Long for Working Tight Spaces Learn more…

Hanger Banger

$25.00 - Free Shipping

Made in The USA
Hanger Banger
Install Tool for For Caddy and B-Line Conduit to Beam Flange Learn more…

Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester

$53.80 - Free Shipping

Union Made In The USA
Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester
The K-60 Voltage Tester is a simple, yet vital, device which should be found in every electrician’s tool belt. It is used to detect the presence or absence of voltage prior to working on a circuit. Learn more…

Knopp K-60- Case

$15.95 - Free Shipping

Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester with Case
Carrying Case for Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester Learn more…

Lufkin 6' Red End Two Way Folding Rule

Model #966 $15.95 - Free Shipping

Assembled in the USA
Lufkin 6' Red End Two Way Folding Rule (Model #966)
This industry standard has always been popular on power houses where metal tape measures can be forbidden. The Left/Right Read feature allows the rule to be laid flat for layout work no matter which direction you are working from. Learn more…

Starrett Automatic Center Punch

$51.95 - Free Shipping

Made In The USA
Starrett Automatic Center Punch
The perfect complement to the Journeyman’s tool box for expert and speedy layout. The heavy-duty No. 18C model is capable of striking a much heavier blow than other punches on the Market. It has a one-piece point and shank which may be easily resharpened or replaced. Learn more…

Holocater Conduit Layout Tool

$10.00 - Free Shipping

Made In The USA
Holocater Conduit Layout Tool
Locates conduit KO centers 1/2" - 4" on panels, cabinets, junction boxes, walls & ceilings. Made in Manchester, New Jersey. Learn more…