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Carry Your Sidecutters, Channel Locks, Screwdriver, Folding Rule or your Torpedo Level. No Belt Required.

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Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester

$53.80 - Free Shipping

Union Made In The USA
Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester
The K-60 Voltage Tester is a simple, yet vital, device which should be found in every electrician’s tool belt. It is used to detect the presence or absence of voltage prior to working on a circuit. Learn more…

Knopp K-60- Case

$15.95 - Free Shipping

Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester with Case
Carrying Case for Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester Learn more…

Lufkin 6' Red End Two Way Folding Rule

Model #966 $15.95 - Free Shipping

Assembled in the USA
Lufkin 6' Red End Two Way Folding Rule (Model #966)
This industry standard has always been popular on power houses where metal tape measures can be forbidden. The Left/Right Read feature allows the rule to be laid flat for layout work no matter which direction you are working from. Learn more…

Starrett Automatic Center Punch

$51.95 - Free Shipping

Made In The USA
Starrett Automatic Center Punch
The perfect complement to the Journeyman’s tool box for expert and speedy layout. The heavy-duty No. 18C model is capable of striking a much heavier blow than other punches on the Market. It has a one-piece point and shank which may be easily resharpened or replaced. Learn more…

Holocater Conduit Layout Tool

$10.00 - Free Shipping

Made In The USA
Holocater Conduit Layout Tool
Locates conduit KO centers 1/2" - 4" on panels, cabinets, junction boxes, walls & ceilings. Made in Manchester, New Jersey. Learn more…

Nut Blaster Wire Connector Tools for Cordless Drills

$9.95 to $10.95 - Free Shipping

Made In The USA
Nut Blaster Wire Connector Tools for Cordless Drills
Increases productivity. Alleviates repetitive motion injuries. High impact heat stabilized Delryn plastic. High quality tool steel shaft. Highest grade industrial materials. 100% American made. Learn more…

iGaging Magnetic AngleCube

$27.50 - Free Shipping

Personalized Available!
iGaging Magnetic AngleCube
Very affordable. great as a conduit bending level or a pocket level. with built-in absolute level feature and a relative angle function. Learn more…

Santronics 3000 Ultimate Voltage Detector

$17.95 - Free Shipping

Made In The USA
Santronics Ultimate AC Sensor 1
50-1000 Volts. Non-Contact Voltage Detector. The best tester you will ever use. There is No Nuisance Tripping. Seriously. Learn more…