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Tape Measure Holder Heavy Duty

$24.50 - Free Shipping

Don't Ruin Another Pair of Pants
Made from 5-6 oz Veg Tanned Leather that is Triple Layered where Riveted which makes this Thong Stiff so it Stays at Your Side and Doesn't Float Up when You Grab Your Tape.
The Maker changed from 6-7 oz down to 5-6 oz leather due to rivet problems but these guys are still Double Tuff.
This item can be Personalized
For a Fee of $7.00

  • Length  8"
  • Width  3"
  • Weight  2.5oz

Made in the USA

Personalized Available!

$24.50 (Tape Measure Holder Standard)

$31.50 (Personalized)

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