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Knopp K-60 Voltage Tester

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The K-60 Voltage Tester is a simple, yet vital, device which should be found in every electrician’s tool belt. It is used to detect the presence or absence of voltage prior to working on a circuit.

The K-60 has many features which set it apart from the competition.

Many less expensive imitations of the K-60 have been produced over the years, but the K-60 remains unsurpassed in quality and reliability. Isn’t that what is most important in a Tester? Check out a comparison of the K-60 to other Testers.

Brother, you gotta know these are on every tool list that I’ve ever seen. We are proud to carry this fine American product.

Here is the Case for the K-60
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Case Only - Tester Not Included

Case Only - Tester Not Included

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$144.00 (with Cordura Case)

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