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Magnetic Angle Cube

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Very affordable. great as a conduit bending level or a pocket level. with built-in <strong>absolute level</strong> feature and a relative angle function.

Very affordable. great as a conduit bending level or a pocket level. with built-in absolute level feature and a relative angle function.

This Bad Boy Sports Six Srtong Magnets - Two on the Bottom - And Two on Each Side


The AngleCube has “Absolute Level” recorded as default in its memory and when first turned on it reads that absolute or true level.

The Angle Cube’s “Zero Button” resets it to read zero on any surface angle and when moved to another surface it reads the “Relative Angle”. Making it perfect for conduit bending.

Simple to Operate

The AngleCube automatically eliminates the age old problem of the tail of the conduit not being level when inserted into the bender.

To return to “Absolute Level” just push the ON/Off button for 3 seconds.

It also has a hold button.


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USA made precision level trucking sensor

  • CNC machined super flat surfaces and edges
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy body, chrome finish
  • Tracing absolute level
  • Measuring relative bevel
  • Strong magnets on the bottom and 2 sides
  • Large clear LCD display, reversible reading


  • Measuring: 4 X 90° Repeatability: 0.05°
  • Resolution: 0.05° Accuracy: ± 0.2°
  • Battery: standard 9V included
  • Model 35-222-2
  • Two in One - Digital Level + Bevel Gauge
  • Only 2.17" L x 2.17" H x 1.2" W
  • Weight = 6.6 oz


This unit has decent magnets but I would not leave it unattended on the conduit while bending. Protect your level from falls by keeping a hand on it if the bender is in operation.

All foreign digital products come with cheap batteries. Protect your investment by replacing them with good quality alkaline batteries at your first convenience.


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