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Flange Wizard Tools Wizard Pipe Wrap

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Get ‘Er Straight. For Consistent Results. Cutting and Bending.

Ships with Fresh Wireman Sharpie, Two # 2H Wireman Pencils, Har Hat Pencil Clip and Graphite Pencil Sharpener.

You can’t repeat and accurately match bends without good reference lines.

Girdle your pipe with The WIZARD. Make indexing to your second mark and rolling to your angle UnMISTAKEable.

Teach your apprentice good work habits and how to cut straight each and every time. If they messed them up with a power saw we would make them cut one with a hack saw. They learned pretty quick that way.

The Wizard is 2 5/8" wide for quick and precise alignment if you don’t have time to do it right you will always find time to do it over!

Note: Keeping a sharp pencil really helps, that's why I sell the Staedtler Solid Graphite sharpeners.
Checkout "Wireman Accessories" in the navigation bar/window for Pencils, Sharpeners, etc.

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