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Dasco Pro Scratch Awl/Center Punch

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Excelent Screw Starter Punch

This Awl/Punch is Virtually Indestructible. I saw one many years ago in a hardware store with the Masonry Tools and thought that looks like what I’ve been needing. It’s a great tool that will last a lifetime and it’s versatility makes it almost indispensable.


  • Solid Steel — No plastic handle to break
  • Scratch Awl — Great for scribing and layout work
  • Center Punch — Easy to re-sharpen and high carbon steel holds a point
  • Tapered Drift — Makes hole alignment a snap
  • Screw Starter — Excellent hole starter in drywall and wood surfaces

These come sharpened as an awl and need to be re-sharpened to be used as a center punch.

Click Here For Sharpening Instructions

I went through three or four of these throughout my career, only because they would get lost, and this tool doesn’t usually find it’s way back to you when it gets lost. They’re that Good.

Note: Keeping a sharp pencil really helps, that's why I sell the Staedtler Solid Graphite sharpeners.
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