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Pocket Buddy's For Sale Now

Fits in your pocket. Protects your pocket. Carry Your Sidecutters, Channel Locks, Screwdriver, Folding Rule or your Torpedo Level. No Belt Required.

Available in Natural Leather, and Chestnut.
Black is no longer Available

Pocket Buddy's are for Sale Now

For Multiple orders (3 or more) Pocket Buddy's Contact me through the Contact Link at the top of the homepage,
with your request including a list for personalization and I will prepare and submitI a quote in a timely fashion including pricing, time of completion and shipment.

This pouch design is as old as the hills. The pouch slips into your pocket, and the outside flap holsters two more tools.

Chestnut Pocket Buddy's are Now For Sale

Chestnut Pocket Buddy's Are NOT HEAVY DUTY

If You Carry Heavy Tools - Do Not Buy a Chestnut Pocket Buddy
The Leather is SOFT and the Backs are Rejects from My Best Natural Pocket Buddy's
Don't let the Color Fool You  --  They are Great For Terminators Communications and Security Applications

Finally I got some good Chestnut Leather it's actually called Aged Bark but I call it Chestnut.
It is heavier than I used to have at 6oz compared to 4.5-5oz
It makes an excelent Pocket Buddy
I had to raise the price on all of the Pocket Buddy's due to increased cost of Leather and Rivets
It still takes an hour to make one and I don't know what the scale is in Your Local but in my Home Local it is over $40.00 an hour on the check.

Again  --  Chestnut Pocket Buddy's Are Not Heavy Duty

Personalizing Available for $7.00

Your input will be Laser Etched on your “Pocket Buddy” as in this photo

Your input will be Laser Etched on your “Pocket Buddy” as in this photo

The Chestnut Burns a Little Sooty like a Brand - Matches the Rustic Leather

The Chestnut Burns a Little Sooty like a Brand - Matches the Rustic Leather

Choose up to 22 characters maximum for your name and Local No. or whatever you like, to be Laser Etched on your Pocket Buddy. Available in Natural and Chestnut Colors only. Laser Name on Chestnut does not show much Contrast but is Permanent

22 characters maximum. Spaces are included in the number of characters

No Periods Please or other Junk - Dont try to put 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound Box
No Custom Orders
This ain't Burger King, You Get It My Way or you Don't get the Son of A Bitch




Instructions for Ordering

Select Your Product in the Options Box ( Between VIEW CART and ADD TO CART Below ) by Clicking on the Down Carrot on the Right Hand Side of the Options Box

If You Select Personalized - a Drop Down Form will appear for you to choose the lettering.

You wil receive a copy of the form in your email when you Add it to the Cart
Proof It by checking your lettering - You Are Responsible for Your Lettering

Pocket Buddy Construction
All Pocket Buddy's are made with a Rigid 13-15 oz Herman Oak Saddle Skirting Back Plate, USA Leather.
Pouch and Holster Leather are 4-5 oz Medium Pliable Leather that is sometimes Imported due to USA environmental regulations against Tanning Solutions or Procedures that have historically poluted many homeland rivers.

Features Fully Stitched Down Construction between Sixteen Nickle Plated Rivets

XTRA Heavy Duty Option Available -Top even Rivets converted to Copper - Holster Strap to Pouch and Pouch to Back and Holster Strap to Holster Plate $10.00 Fee
I have added the Heavy Duty to the Price Options List:
XTRA Heav Duty Natural w/ Seven Top Tier Copper Rivets is $41.95
Personalized TRAa Heavy Duty Natural is $48.95
The Drop Down Wheel Pricing Box Does not display the Prices for the Heavy Duty on a SmartPhone
I gotta get that fixed with my IT guy


Leather being a Natural Product may have Branding or Range Marks, Insect Bites or Barbed Wire Blemishes

Made in Buhl, Idaho


Made in the USA by a retired Brother
Out of LU 428

Personalized Available!

$31.95 - 48.95

(see form drop down for complete price listing)

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