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Revbit Holesaw Pilot

$7 each -or- 3 for $15 - Free Shipping

New Prices Brought On By TARRIFS

Possibly The Last Pilot Bit You Will Own
Broken Hole Saws = TIME
Get 10X Life from your Holesaws
Aproximately the Same Cost as Traditional Holesaw Pilot Bits / 100% Better
Perfect for Electricians, Plumbers, Sheet Metal Workers and Anyone who uses a Holesaw and hand held reversible Drill Motor
Can be used with Any Make of Holesaw

 A straight unbent pilot bit means a perfect hole everytime for the life of the Revbit.

- Will not tear sheetrock, or finished wall surface.

- Preserves the hole saw teeth, for the entire life of the tool.
- Because the drill is turning counter clockwise the holesaw merely scores the work surface, the initial digging and binding caused by forward turning impact is gone.


100% Made in the USA


$15.00 (Revbit Holesaw Pilot 3 Pack)

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Never Any Sales Taxes

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